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Trust the Battery Mob for all your vehicle and solar battery needs. We are experts in our industry and stock the best in battery brands at the best prices! Looking for a car battery? We have what you need and can afford. Do you need a new battery for your motorcycle? Try us. How about a truck battery? We stock a range of batteries suited specifically to trucks. Solar needs? No problem, we have what you need.

The Battery Mob Services Portfolio

  • Battery stockists
  • Battery repairs
  • Battery charging
  • Charging system testing
  • Battery testing
  • Battery Installations

We stock the best battery brands like Dixon, Sabat, Oldham and Willard. Reliable batteries to keep you safely on the road. If you suspect your battery is flat or losing charge, the best way to determine this is to take it into a professional testing center to test. Other ways you can test your battery is to leave your car idling and see if your head lights dim or flicker. If you car doesn’t start or turn over as enthusiastically as it did before, the battery is probably in need of replacement.

The best way to preserve the life of your battery is to do regular maintenance on it. Invest in a special battery terminal spray to keep terminals clean and free of build up. Keep your battery clean and free of dirt, grime and debris. If your battery is swollen or leaking or has a foul smell, it is time to replace it. Batteries should be tested at least annually by professionals. Another way to keep your battery in good condition is to never skip a service as this can impact your battery’s longevity.

We recommend that you check your battery, terminals and connections before long trips to ensure a smooth trip.

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