Fibre to the Home and Business

At Lightstruck, our main focus is to deploy next-generation fibre utilities to communities across Southern Africa, including Cape Town and surrounds. We know what fibre can mean to home and business owners, which is why we want to bring this advanced last-mile technology to various communities via our strategically appointed Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).

Our company was established in 2016, mainly focusing on on the development of fibre networks in South Africa. We are backed by Eaglestone who is a leading infrastructure player that has more than 100 years of experienced across the globe.

We want to install fibre networks in areas where an interest was recognised. As soon as we have laid fibre networks in your area, fibre access will be a possibility. The contractors who lay our fibre cables have been carefully selected, so as to limit the amount of inconvenience caused to local communities.

Our current and future fibre areas (thus far) include: 

  • Somerset West
  • Worcester
  • Paarl
  • Hermanus

Lightstruck encourages all interested parties to register with us via our website if they are interested in getting fibre in their community. When registering with us, you will be notified about the progress in your area. For any queries, feel free to contact us.

Mon - Fri: 08:30 - 17:00